fondo sinistro


The ancient village of Etruscan origin, where you will find the biggest Rupestrian Centre of  Italy and where you can revitalize at the Thermal Springs of Sorano.


A medieval city formerly owned by the renowned Orsini family, built on a spur of rocks, where you will find the ancient synagogue, the botanic garden, the open air “Alberto Manzi” archaeological Museum and the “vie cave”, the Etruscan pathways that are carved out of the rock often reaching a depth of 20 meters.


Man lives in this place since the Bronze Age and it’s a treasure trove full of marvellous Etruscan artefacts, like the beautiful “Siren tomb” and the “Pisa tomb”.
Saturnia Thermal Spring

It is known since the Etruscan Age, the thermal springs have become a popular health retreat. Built on a sulphuric pool of water with a temperature of 37°C, it reaches from a depth of 200 meters.

When the view of the “dying city” will be revealed to your eyes, you will be face to face with the perfect union between man and Nature..
The Bolsena Lake

One of the largest volcanic lakes of Europe, situated 15 minutes from Podere Palazzina, is the perfect place for a picnic with the family.

Here you will breathe the “old Italy” atmosphere. On the surface you will walk between the Cathedral and the “San Patrick Well” on its narrows roads, discovering its beauty; in the “underground” you will pass through a fascinating net of caves.






Podere Palazzina Barra