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Podere Palazzina
is a house placed between the smooth hills of the Maremma, 15 minutes from Bolsena Lake. Its isolate position, brings you in touch with nature and is the perfect place where to strengthen the body and the mind. Podere Palazzina has been completely restored to its origin, hosting holistic disciplines. Up to 10 persons can be accommodated, excluding the course instructor..

Reaching the Podere
you will get stunned by the dimension of the house, all made in tuff stone, as well as the rock wall it is built on. Almost 3.000 years ago, the Etruscans dug out the several caves by the sides of the house, places with a magical atmosphere for the different courses. Entering the ground floor apartment, you will appreciate the luminosity of this space and the attention given to utilizing the traditional materials, such as terracotta  tiles, wood and tuff stone. From the comfortable kitchen you can reach two bedrooms and two bathroom.

The upper floor
You can reach the first floor from an inner stair or from the outdoor one; here you will enter in the vast living room of the second apartment, at the end of which you will find the open space kitchen; here, as well, you will find three vast and bright bedrooms, 2 of which are connected by a small passage, and a big bathroom. The whole house is made with very thick stone walls, which give us the right freshness in the summer time, while the floor heating releases a supple warmth in winter time. The ethnic furniture comes from Tuscany as well as from other different parts of the world.

Outside the house
itself there are spacious sun terraces, the picturesque old pizza oven, the caves, the “well” situated in one of the old caves, the swimming pool and the “Stalla”, so called because once it was a cowshed; it has recently been restructured and offers now  a charming room with tuff stones walls, wooden roof and wooden floor, where most of Podere Palazzina’s activities take place, such as seminars, courses, conferences, workshops as well as birthday parties and group dinners.

The upper terrace
Our own vegetable garden and orchard ensure that we can offer high quality biological products to our guests; taking care of the environment brings us to utilize solar panels, to produce hot water and help the heating system.
What will we be, if we wouldn’t try to improve the place where we live?

podere palazzina casa vista arrivando

podere palazzina vista da sopra
podere palazzina bedroom west
Podere Palazzina entrata alla grotta
Podere Palazzina Barra